Rama reiterates his criticism of Kosovo for not participating in Mini Schengen

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama once again defended the idea of ​​a Balkan mini-Schengen, saying that such a proposal would mean the removal of the border between Kosovo and Albania.

According to him, the first idea for the Balkan Schengen came from the former Prime Minister of Albania Fatos Nano, while he added that Rama brought it back as an idea. He again criticized Kosovo for refusing to participate in regional discussions in the Balkans on the issue.

“I returned it because the conditions were suitable. They did not accept it. “The Schengen region means the removal of the border between Albania and Kosovo, but by the time they discover it in Kosovo, years will have passed and Kosovo and the Albanians will have lost time,” Rama told EuroNews Albania.

Rama said that for Kosovo, dialogue with Serbia should be an economic and social priority.

“For me, the future of Kosovo without the courage and determination to end the dialogue is bleak, not only in terms of independence, but in terms of the opportunities that may arise to take Kosovo to another economic level. and social, “he added.

Rama again refused to speak about Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti. He said he would do so after the April 25th elections in Albania.

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