Romania ready to introduce Green Digital Certificate

Undersecretary of State for Tourism Paul Ene said Romania was ready to implement the green digital certificate being drafted at European level, stressing that if a decision is made at EU level, it will hold bilateral talks with various countries to ensure free movement of tourists.

He said Romania “fortunately” has an online database accessible to those who have been vaccinated and that integrating it into a central EU database would be quite easy. “We are practically ready to share the data,” Ene said in a discussion on the issue of green digital certificates organized by the European Parliament Office in Romania.

Bilateral talks, he added, could be conducted with the model mode with Greece but also with non-EU countries, such as Israel. He also claimed that the July 1st date proposed by the European Commission for the use of this certificate was “quite late”, insisting that it could be applied earlier in Romania. /

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