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BiH: SFA Moves Migrants From Abandoned Facilities to Temporary Reception Centers

The BiH Foreign Affairs Service (SFA) relocated nine migrant families from abandoned buildings in the Una-Sana Canton area to the local migrant camps of Sedra and Borici, the Service announced on Monday, adding that the measures were carried out within the activities of monitoring the movement of migrants residing in the country.

“It was determined that nine families comprising a total of 43 people, including 19 children, were staying in abandoned buildings that did not even meet the minimum living conditions in Bosanska Bojna, near the border with the Republic of Croatia. and coordinated a series of activities to relocate them from the site, placing them in the ‘Sedra’ temporary shelters in Cazin and ‘Borici’ in Bihac, which are also intended to accommodate families and vulnerable categories. of migrants, “said BiH Foreign Affairs Service Deputy Director Mirsad Buzar.

All resettlement activities were carried out in co-operation with the BiH Border Police and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), while the families immediately underwent medical triage and were placed in the isolation units of these centers, in accordance with the COVID-19 security protocol. .

Recently, IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), together with the Office for Foreign Affairs (SFA), conducted a pilot data collection to gather information on the number of migrants and asylum seekers present in the country. The purpose of the project was to provide an estimate of the migrant population that has not been accommodated or registered in any Official Temporary Reception Center (TAC) at a given time. Ten teams containing 36 enumerators were established, of which 17 were male and 19 female. Data collection was implemented in 4 cantons, for a total of 76 locations: 46 locations in 8 municipalities in Una-Sana canton, 17 locations in 6 municipalities in Sarajevo canton, 5 locations in one municipality in Herzegovina – Neretva canton, and 16 locations in 12 municipalities in Tuzla canton.

“The total number of migrants identified in the covered countries was 1,927 of whom 1,754 said they had not been accommodated in any of the official TRCs in BiH. Afghanistan (42%) and Pakistan (29%) are the two nationalities with the highest number of people outside the TRC in BiH. Overall, these two national groups make up 71 percent of the total migrants without accommodation in the TRC. “Other nationalities include Morocco, Algeria, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Palestinian Territories, Somalia and Sudan.”

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