Croatia: More details come to light regarding 585kg cocaine bust in Ploče port

In late March this year, Croatian police seized 585kg of cocaine in the port of Ploce, which is considered to be the largest bust of the drug ring in the country to date.

The criminal investigation is still ongoing and police say the drugs were not destined for the Croatian market but would probably be transported to a neighboring country.

“We continued the investigation in this case and found that the cocaine was not intended for the Croatian market, but for neighboring countries,” police added. The drugs were hidden in a container holding bananas that had arrived from Ecuador.

When asked who the official recipient of the shipment was, police explained that they could not reveal more details about the investigation at the time, hoping they would be able to reveal more information in the coming days. However, they stressed that the shipment was being delivered to a location “nearby”.

As police explain, drugs such as cocaine are easier to dispense through a load of containers. In the largest ports in Europe much larger operations are often destroyed, implying that the port of Ploce is not an isolated case. “We have been focusing more on this lately, we have been focusing on reducing drug distribution through Plots, but this is happening in all cargo ports in Europe, even around the world. says a police spokesman.

When asked if Ploe port staff were involved, they explained that some people had been involved in recent investigations but there was nothing unusual about the other cargo ports.

Asked about the quantities of drugs that could be smuggled “under the radar”, they said it was “only a small part of what has been caught around Europe”.

“We can assume that a branch entering Europe goes not only to Croatia, but also to Greece and Italy. This is a continuation of previous investigations. We are focusing on those critical paths and containers for which there are indications that something is hidden in them. We can not know how much he has achieved in places. “The police administration has worked with USKOK, PNUSKOK and the Customs Administration,” police said.

The container in which the drugs were found was parked in the port of Ploce and no one managed to get it. She was examined using special equipment and the search dogs were brought in, when it was discovered that, in addition to the bananas listed as cargo, there were also drugs. Allegedly, the shipment was headed to BiH, from where it would be transported to other European countries. The value of the drugs seized on the street would be around 60m euros.

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