Croatia: Zagreb to co-finance Covid-19 testing of tourists on certain days

Foreign tourists who will spend at least one night in Zagreb can be tested for Covid-19 on Saturday, Sunday, holidays and non-working days at half price, said Zagreb Tourist Board (TZGZ) director Martina Bienenfeld.

She added that during the first weekend of program implementation (April 10th and 11th), about twenty foreign tourists were tested.

TZGZ is the first regional tourism board in Croatia to open a testing point for foreign tourists, as recently proposed by Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Brnjac. In a meeting with representatives of regional / county tourist boards, she ordered the establishment of a list of testing centers for foreign tourists.

In an interview with HINA, Bienenfeld said that, in addition to opening such a checkpoint in Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić Square, the Tourist Board decided to give tourists discounts on tests they take on weekends, holidays and non-working days from 10 am of the morning until 6 pm, for which they must register 24 hours in advance.

Thus, for PCR tests which currently cost 750 kuna, foreign tourists will pay 375 kuna, while for rapid antigen tests which cost 250 kuna, they will have to pay 125 kuna.

“The rest of the amount will be covered by the Tourist Board. Testing services will be provided for as long as necessary, “said Bienenfeld, who predicts that demand will peak in the coming period, depending on the progress of the vaccination attempt at the tourist country of origin, by workers. tourism and citizens in Croatia, as well as on the introduction of COVID-19 green digital certificates at EU level.

As for the other days of the week, tourists can be tested at regular prices at some institutions in Zagreb. Visitors to ten Zagreb hotels can get this service for free, while the Esplanade Hotel is currently the only one offering it to both its guests and outsiders. In addition, rapid antigen testing and PCR can be performed at Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb.

“An important reason why we decided to offer co-financed testing these days is because it offers an opportunity to extend the stay of tourists in Zagreb without them having to worry about when and how they will be tested before returning to their countries.” , they can avoid quarantine at home.Antigen test results can be obtained within 15 minutes of sampling, while PCR test results can take up to 24 hours, and therefore tourists are advised to plan dates carefully Prolonged tourist stays are important because they contribute to further market knowledge and positioning of Zagreb as a ‘city holiday’ or a city holiday destination, which has stood out for years. In addition, it contributes to the promotion of Zagreb as an organized and responsible health tourism destination, which has also been promoted. systematically for years “, says the director of the Tourist Board.

According to Bienenfeld, the website contains all the relevant information about coronavirus and tourist testing services in hotels, public and private institutions in Zagreb, including information on working hours, types and prices in Croatian, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. The first tourists to benefit from the co-financed test were from Italy, Denmark, Germany and Albania.

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