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BiH summons Slovenian Ambassador Bukinac to Presidency following ideas on dissolving country involving Pahor, Janca

Slovenian Ambassador Zorica Bukinac was summoned to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina today at the invitation of member Zeljko Komcic, following information that Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša sent a “non-letter” document to Brussels dictating BiH’s future.

Media reports in Bosnia and Herzegovina recall that Slovenia will take over the presidency of the European Union on 1 July this year, with Janša allegedly planning to impose a certain vision of “completing the break-up of Yugoslavia” on the agenda. At least that is what seems to be proposing the non-letter letter sent to Brussels, which implies changes to the borders, including the secession of RS units, as well as the demarcation of borders in Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Albania.

Information on the content of Jan joa’s non-letter was first published by, forcing Komçiiq to summon the Slovenian ambassador today.

This is expected to be the only topic of conversation. Ambassador Bukinec is expected to make an official statement on this unofficial document.

Komcic also confirmed that Slovenian President Borut Pahor asked members of the BiH Presidency during his recent visit to Sarajevo whether a “peaceful dissolution” of Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible.

Speaking to the FENA news agency, Komic said Pahor told members of the presidency that talks on the need to end the fall of Yugoslavia were becoming more frequent in Europe, and he asked: “Can you achieve a peaceful break-up in Bosnia and Herzegovina? ”

Kocic, as a Croatian member of the BiH Presidency, along with Bosnian member Šefik Džaferović responded that there was no such possibility. Meanwhile, Serbian member Milorad Dodik gave another answer.

According to Komsic, this was one of the reasons why he recently sent a non-letter on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Brussels.

Janša denied these allegations.

“The last time I met with the President of the European Council (Chales Michel) was last year. “It would be difficult for me to physically deliver something in February or March of this year, as the unclear portal claims,” ​​Janša declared.

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