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BiH: OSCE summons citizens of Foča and Travnik to vote Sunday

The OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina recalls that on April 11, 2021, the citizens of Travnik and Baby in the Federation of BiH Municipalities will vote again to elect their mayors. The BiH Central Election Commission ordered an additional election following the deaths of previously elected mayors Mirsad Peco and Esed Radeljaš.

Even in these sad circumstances, says the OSCE Mission, elections are an important cornerstone of a democracy. “We hope that all qualified voters will use this opportunity to strengthen democracy in BiH by exercising their right to vote for the candidates they believe can best serve the interests of their communities.” hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic, they urge all voters to protect themselves and polling station employees by wearing masks and observing all safeguards during voting.

“We welcome and support the efforts of the Central Election Commission (CEC) to ensure full transparency in its work and to identify and respond to possible attempts at electoral fraud. Citizens should report any suspected fraud to the CEC and relevant law enforcement authorities. Election observers, independent and from political parties, should be allowed to carry out their duties without hindrance. “This is a fundamental protection of the integrity of the election and we welcome the commitment of the ‘Pod Lupom’ Coalition, which announced the deployment of independent observers in all polling stations in both countries,” the mission said in a press release.

The OSCE also welcomed the measures adopted by the CEC to ensure that those with COVID-19 have the opportunity to vote with the assistance of a special mobile team.

“We urge the authorities to provide the necessary personal protective equipment for all election staff and to ensure that all safeguards are observed at polling stations. In cases where schools are used as polling stations, the authorities should ensure that disinfection takes place immediately after the end of voting. It is important that children and school staff in the country are able to resume their activities without undue health risks. “We call on all political parties and candidates to uphold the principles of free and fair elections, to show respect for both their constituents and voters before, during and after the elections, and to accept officially confirmed election results.” the press release ends.

The OSCE Mission to BiH wishes all the citizens of Travnik and Baby (FBiH) a safe and peaceful election day, which contributes to a stronger and more prosperous future.

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