Romania: Moldovans’ desire to join Romania grows

The latest survey conducted in the Republic of Moldova by iData shows a significant increase – up to the level of 44% – of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who want to join Romania. It is estimated that the significant increase in the rate was due to the significant humanitarian aid and 72,000 vaccines that Romania sent to Chisinau. In January-February, the index was 37.5% and in March it reached 43.9%.

And while Bucharest aid has changed the way they see Romania in Chisinau, Moscow’s anemic stance in providing aid to the Republic of Moldova during the pandemic has resulted in Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union confidence falling by 48% in January. 40.9%.

However, it is worth noting that most Moldovans want to be vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine (35.4%), while the Pfizer vaccine comes second with 18.9%.

On the other hand, a growing number of citizens of the Republic of Moldova positively perceive the possibility of the country’s membership in NATO. Specifically, 27.4% of Moldovans say they agree.

Among politicians, they trust pro-European President Maia Sandu (31.2%), while former pro-Russian President Igor Dodon raises 23.5%, followed by Ilan Șor with 4%, Renato Usatîi with 3% and Vladimir Voronin. with 2.2%.

The survey was conducted between March 20-31 on a sample of 1,314 people, with an error margin of 2.5%.

Grosu: Early elections could take place in Moldova in July

Interim PAS party president Igor Grosu, who was nominated by President Maia Sandu for the post of prime minister, said in an interview with G4Media that early elections in the Republic of Moldova could take place in July.

Regarding the resolution of the crisis in Transnistria, the PAS leader believes that part of the arsenal deployed there should be removed and another part may remain there.

He also stressed that Romania ‘s experience in the field of justice reform and the promotion of judges and prosecutors would be valuable to the Republic of Moldova.

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