Montenegro: Montenegrins threatened with extinction, warns PKS

On March 31, the Montenegrin Patriotic Union * (PKS) sent a letter to the embassies of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, the European Union, the Italian Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Slovenia regarding what they believe it is a great danger posed by the new government which is threatening Montenegro. As the PKS points out, this is about planned demographic engineering, after which Montenegrins, as a local population, would be a minority in their own country!

“We made it the youngest party in Montenegro, which inherits the love for the homeland and the true values ​​of Montenegro, and they are its civic character and multiethnicity; as a party that stands for democratic values, such as limiting the term of the president and government to two years, and limiting the term of parliament and councilor to four; “as a party that advocates that the diaspora have its mandate in the National Assembly, for the rehabilitation of fighters for sovereignty since 1918, for anti-fascism and national reconciliation,” the PKS states

They say they warned embassy representatives that, with this in mind of the authorities, Montenegro, as a civil and multiethnic state, risks collapsing if plans to change the Decision on Criteria for Determining the Conditions for Acquisition and Change of Montenegrin Citizenship of the Law on Residence have been implemented. The decision sets out the definitions of legal and uninterrupted residence required to acquire Montenegrin citizenship.

“Our state of Montenegro is endangered by this anti-democratic government, which does not recognize the Montenegrin nation, language and church, which denies anti-fascism and through the Serbian Orthodox Church seeks to revive the Chetnik fascist movement from World War II, with a government that celebrates war criminals Ratko Mladić, Radovan Karadžić and others, with a government that does not recognize the genocide in Srebrenica, with a government that is a tsunami for all Montenegrins and multiethnic communities, ”reads the PKS letter.

“With these planned changes in obtaining Montenegrin citizenship, we will forever gain Russian and Serbian citizenship and lose Montenegrin immigrants, and never – NEVER – again will Montenegro be a Montenegrin state and people.” Any drastic increase in the number of citizens in small Montenegro, in this case Russian and Serbian, changes its demographic structure and puts foreigners in a position to decide our own destiny. “

Regrethte stated, with regret, that the silence of the radio continues after a week, forcing them to repeat everything they stated in the letter. “We urge other entities in Montenegro to do the same,” they conclude in a statement.

* Komita was a Montenegrin fighter during World War I and a fighter against the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes after World War I

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