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Northern Macedonia: Halkbank AD Skopje increases capital by 20m euros

“Halkbank AD Skopje” in Northern Macedonia increased its capital by an additional 20 million euros, after “Halkbank AS Turkey”, as the main shareholder of “Halkbank AD Skopje”, after an extraordinary meeting on March 26, supports with its decision the recapitalization approved in the amount of EUR 20 million. The main purpose of this recapitalization is, according to the bank, to strengthen its banking capital and support the real economy, especially this year, when needs have increased.

The same announcement shows that last year, with the onset of the crisis caused by Covid-19, “Halkbank AS Turkey” immediately responded to the new situation with a recapitalization of 20 million euros. This allowed Halkbank AD Skopje to face the extraordinary measures imposed on the country and its citizens – early repayment of profit tax for 2020, late payment of obligations of citizens and the Economy and increase of the loan.

Last year, total loans granted by Halkbank increased by 14.1% compared to December last year, which in absolute terms translates into about 101.2 million euros in loans, while at the same time deposits increased by 18.63%.

“We are particularly pleased that Halkbank AD Skopje,” since its entry into the banking sector in Northern Macedonia in 2011, has been the fastest growing bank in the country each year. We aimed to establish a stable bank of which would always be the first choice in the sector, doubling the number of our branches, the number of employees and the introduction of new and innovative services based on customer needs and we are proud to have achieved this.During these ten years, we We stimulated the development of the banking system in the country, we developed a stable bank in terms of capital. We have ensured stable and healthy growth of the bank in the country. Thanks to the experience of our bank, we will increase our support in the future. close, ”said Osman Arslan, Chief Executive Officer of Halkbank AS Turkey.

The above announcement also states that “Halkbank AD Skopje” is the fourth largest bank in the market based on its assets. Thanks to its successful operation, the bank closed in 2020 with assets of more than one billion euros, an increase of 14% compared to the end of last year, of which 140 million euros are capital.

“The continuous support we have from our parent bank means a lot to Halkbank AD Skopje and allows the implementation of all our plans and activities. With the increase of capital we will be able, as to date, to respond in a timely manner and in the right way to the needs of the real economy, especially in this demanding period. In this way, we prove that we are committed to implementing our strategy for long-term development in the country, “noted Bilal Sujubashi, Chief Executive Officer of Halkbank AD Skopje.

“Halkbank AD Skopje”, which this year celebrates 10 years of successful operation in the market of Northern Macedonia, during this period has been recapitalized several times with the support of its sole shareholder, “Halkbank AS Turkey”. “These funds, together with the bank’s profits, which have not been distributed throughout these years, but have been reinvested here and remain in place, are an important support for the financial sector and the country’s economy,” the statement said, according to MIA. of news.

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