Albania: Soreca calls on political parties to focus on programs and reforms

EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca supported the invitation of Central Election Commission (CEC) Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi to allow political parties to conduct a peaceful campaign and allow citizens to choose what they want.

In a Twitter post, Soreca stressed that the country’s political parties and candidates need to focus on their respective political agendas and the reforms they advocate for.

“We agree with the Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi. Political parties and candidates must now focus on their respective political programs and the reforms they aim to introduce to improve the lives of all Albanian citizens. “We have confidence in all relevant Albanian institutions and political actors to act in accordance with international standards and the decisions of the Albanian Central Election Commission,” Soreca wrote.

A day earlier, the Election Commission approved the Socialist Party’s request for citizens to vote by number in the April 25 elections.

Celibashi said yesterday that the vote is valid even if the voter chooses only one candidate and has not chosen the political party and coalition. ibna

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