Montenegro: PM Demands Dismissal of Justice Minister Following Comments on Srebrenica Genocide

Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić has initiated proceedings to remove the Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Minorities, Vladimir Leposavić.

As he said, after the Minister’s statement on the Srebrenica genocide, he sent a message to Leposavic that “he should solve the problem that he himself had created”.

“I thought his final statement would be what would allow him to amortize what was said. The declaration was of the same wavelength and I could not afford that luxury, so I acted on behalf of the Government and said that the Assembly adopted in 2009 a Declaration confirming the resolution on genocide. That did not move Leposavic either, “said Krivokapic.

He said he asked Leposavic to resign because he believes this is the best way to show responsibility with a personal act.

“I did it on Friday and today, seeking to protect the integrity of this government as Leposavić continued to stand by his convictions, I made the difficult decision to propose his dismissal,” Krivokapić told an extraordinary press conference. .

The Prime Minister stressed that this was the most difficult decision he had made in his life.

“The most difficult decision I have had to make in my whole life. Guided by the clear positions arising from the agreement with the leaders of the winning coalitions and the positions from the exhibition, I am fully aware of the events and work of the ministers. Everyone, from the ruling parties to the opposition, is destroying this government. No one sees it as theirs. These are birth pains because we have not yet overcome schoolyard diseases. I have given freedom to every ministry, having confidence in their credentials and expertise. It may not have happened so far, but change must happen. “No one deserves to stay in office for four years,” said Krivokapi thekso.

He said “two ultra-blocs” of political parties are emerging and that this is not good for Montenegro. He asked for understanding because of the decision he made, adding that it may have been taken for the first time in the history of the state.

Serbian Police Minister Aleksandar Vulin reacted to the recent decision of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic.

“Prime Minister Krivokapić once again showed that he does not care at all what Serbs and Serbia think and feel. In fact, it’s good he did what he did, we got the message; we will act accordingly. He showed that he does not care about Serbs [in Montenegro], ”Said Minister Vulin.

He added that those who hate Serbs always find a common language:

“I would not be surprised if he seeks the support of Milo Zhukanov in anti-Serbian policy. “Someone who hates Serbs needs to know one, and eventually they find a common language,” the Serbian minister concluded.

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