Bulgaria: Six parties win parliamentary representation with 42.47% of the votes counted

The results of the April 4th parliamentary elections are slowly being reported by the Bulgarian Central Election Commission.

At 07:30 the Central Election Commission published data from 42.47% of the processed results submitted by polling stations.

According to results published by the EEC, GERB gets 24.15%, “There Is Such a People” (ITN) 19.00%, Socialist Party (BSP) 14.88%, Democratic Bulgaria 10.97%, MRF 8.71 % and “RiseUp! Out of the mafia!” 5.08%.

Below the 4% threshold required to enter Parliament is VMRO with 3.58%, the “Bulgarian National Union” with 3.19%, the “Renaissance” with 2.92% and the patriotic coalition “Volia – NFSB” with 2.44%.

In the April 4th parliamentary elections, 30 parties and party coalitions participated in the 45th National Assembly, with 6,895 candidates, seeking the vote of 6,732,316 registered Bulgarian eligible citizens.

These were the first regular parliamentary elections since 2009, as well as the first in Bulgaria, where the vast majority of citizens will have the opportunity to choose how to vote, digitally or in the traditional way on paper. Digital voting machines were available at 9,398 out of a total of 11,983 polling stations. Polling stations abroad also rose to 465 in 69 countries, a record number for Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is divided into 31 multi-seat constituencies, which are divided into 240 seats.

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