Bulgaria: GERB with 26.02%, “Is there such a people” with 17.9% and BSP with 14.99% with 92.95% of the counted votes

The Central Election Commission announced the results in 92.95% of the votes counted by the polling stations.

Thus, in 92.95% of the constituencies counted, GERB gets 26.02%, “There is such a People” 17.90%, the Socialist Party (BSP) 14.99%, the minority party MRF 9.94%, Democratic Bulgaria 9.69% and the Stand Up movement. BG ”4.81% of the votes.

Below the 4% threshold can be found VMRO with 3.65%, the Bulgarian National Union with 3.01%, the party “Rilindja” with 2.51%, the patriotic coalition “Volia-NFSB” with 2.39% and the Republicans for Bulgaria with 1.24%.

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