Bulgaria: Surveys show GERB leads; second surprising place for “There is such a People” as follows BSP

Polls after today’s parliamentary elections show Boyko Borisov’s GERB is still a major force in the Bulgarian political landscape. GERB’s main rival, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), climbed to third place with TV presenter Slavi Trifonov’s “There is such a People” party emerging as the election shocker, according to BGNES.

Thus, according to the election poll, GERB gets 25.1%, “There is such a People” 17.1%, BSP 16.7%, Democratic Bulgaria 10.5%, MRF 10.2%, civil platform “Stand Up.BG” 5.0%, and VMRO 4.7% .

According to Alpha Research:

GERB gets 25.7%, BSP 17.6%, “There is such a People” 15.2%, MRF 11%, Democratic Bulgaria 10.4%, “Stand Up.BG” 4.2% and VMRO 4%.

According to Gallup International:

GERB gets 25%, “There is such a People” 17.1%, Socialist Party BSP 16.7%, Democratic Bulgaria 10.4% and MRF 10.2%.

Below the threshold of entry but with access to state subsidy are Konstantin Konstantinov’s “Renaissance” parties, ahead of Vasil Bozhkov’s “Bulgarian National Union”, the coalition between Veselin Mareshki and Valery Simeonov and the formation of Volen Siderov.

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