Kosovo: Vetëvendosje Movement launches campaign to collect signatures for Presidential Elections

Vetëvendosje Movement has started collecting signatures for an urgent meeting to vote for Vjosa Osmani as President of Kosovo, according to reports from “Koha”.

So far, the time of the meeting has not been announced yet, as it is currently being held in the plenary session of the National Assembly of Kosovo with three other issues on the agenda.

Oman and the party that nominated him for the position have until Monday, April 5, to begin procedures for electing the head of state. This is because the one-month deadline for the election of the head of state, before the end of the term of the incumbent President, also applies to the Vice President. Vjosa Osmani will replace former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, shortly after he resigned after the Hague Tribunal accused him of his involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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