Kosovo: LVV gathers 80 deputies to vote for the President

Vetëvendosje Movement has received the confirmation of 80 deputies regarding their participation in the meeting of the Assembly for the election of a new president.

The head of the Vetëvendosje parliamentary group, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, said the ruling party had received confirmation from 80 lawmakers that they would take part in the voting process to elect their candidate Vjosa Osmani as Kosovo’s new president, according to Gazeta Express.

“We have the confirmation of 80 deputies that they will willingly participate in the voting of the new president. “I do not know what they will vote for,” said Kusari-Lila.

Vetëvendosje Movement has collected signatures from lawmakers calling for an extraordinary session of the Assembly to pass a bill on general elections, allowing the Kosovo diaspora to exercise its right to vote at embassies and consulates. Kusari-Lila said they will insist on passing the law first and calling another urgent meeting to vote for the president at a later time. Kusari-Lila reminded that, in case of failure to elect a President, Kosovo will hold new early elections.

According to the Constitution, the President of Kosovo is elected by a two-thirds majority of all members of the Assembly. If a two-thirds (2/3) majority is not reached by any candidate in the first two ballots, a run-off will be held between the two candidates who received the highest number of votes. The candidate who will gather the majority of all members of the Assembly will be elected President of the Republic of Kosovo. If none of the candidates is elected President of the Republic of Kosovo in the third ballot, the Assembly is dissolved and new elections are held within forty-five days.

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