Cyprus: President attends April 1st commemorations

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades today attended the solemn doxology conducted at St. John’s Cathedral, on the occasion of the anniversary of April 1st.

After the praise, in his press statements, the President of the Republic stressed that “April 1 is one of the most glorious sites – after March 25, the national uprising of the Greek nation – of Cypriot Hellenism.

A day marked against colonialism, but also with the claim of the right to self-determination. A right that every people gained after the founding of the UN and the defeat of Nazism.

If there is one thing we need to learn from that war other than the admiration and honor we owe to those who gave their lives and suffered deprivation, it is that if we achieved the goal of liberation from colonialism it is because they were united and had a purpose and common goal.

They may not have achieved what was the original goal and desire of Cypriot Hellenism, but they were free from colonialism.

Today, our country faces obvious dangers. After the Turkish occupation of 1974, 37% remained occupied, with a Turkish bulimia to turn it into a Turkish province.

What history dictates to everyone today is to reflect and assume their responsibilities, so that through international diplomacy, international support, governments, but also (based on) specific principles, as specified in the UN Charter and with the authorities and values of the EU to achieve: First, the reunification of this homeland based on the resolutions we have reached. Secondly, to create or evolve the Republic of Cyprus into a functioning, stable, fully independent state, independent of third parties, of the presence of any body and of creating prospects for finally living in peace with compatriots ours beyond, I repeat, and away from any addiction. ”

Asked how the Cypriot side will oppose Turkey’s manipulations after raising the issue of the creation of two states, the President of the Republic said “with UN resolutions, international support as our weapons, I think it is now clear that no one accepts Turkey “The requirements for the creation of two states. Therefore, what we must be is consistent in principles and positions and in what has been unanimously agreed in the National Council.”

Asked if he would hold a video conference with UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cyprus Jane Holl Lute, President Anastasiades said: “I will have a video conference tomorrow Friday with the President of the European Council. Lute will be in Cyprus April 11-12. “

Asked to comment on a statement by the Turkish Cypriot leader that EOKA was a terrorist organization, the President said: “I do not know if he was talking about TMT, then he would be right.

Greek Cypriots fought for their independence, as did Turkish Cypriots. Unfortunately, the Turkish Cypriots were used by the then colonial power and differences arose between the two communities, which otherwise coexisted peacefully for centuries. “

Afterwards, President Anastasiades attended the Trisagion service sung at the graves of EOKA National Liberation War heroes ’55 -’59 in Prisoners of Remembrance, on the occasion of the national anniversary on April 1.

After the Trisagion, President Anastasiades laid a wreath at the memorials of the heroes.

The President of the Republic was accompanied by the Ministers of Defense Charalambos Petrides, the Minister of Justice and Public Order Emily Yiolitis and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Prodromos Prodromou.

Earlier today, the President of the Republic attended the solemn eulogy for the national anniversary held at St. John’s Cathedral, which was presided over by the Archbishop of Cyprus, Mr. Chrysostomos II.

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