Bulgaria: Interconnector NG with Greece to be completed by year’s end, Borissov says

The Greece-Bulgaria interconnection should be built at the end of 2021, so that liquefied gas can pass through Alexandroupolis, from many sources, such as American, Israeli, Egyptian, as in the future there is a possibility of increasing capacity to 5 billion cubic meters of gas a year, said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

“On Wednesday, Borissov inspected the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnection in the Dimitrovgrand area, noting that” it is 100% differentiation. When you see how difficult it is to do, you understand why our ancestors did not do it, “said the Prime Minister. , adding that they are actively working to expand the Chiren gas storage plant, which is also part of the Three Seas Initiative, in which Bulgaria is participating.

Boyko Borisov visited the area along the trail where the pipeline will cross the Evros (Maritsa) River. All preparatory construction activities are carried out in this section. It is planned to cross the river through a horizontal well, which is more environmentally friendly. The crossing is about 500 meters long, at a strong depth below the river bed and passes through different layers of soil, which makes it extremely difficult for builders.

Construction work on the gas connection is progressing, over an area of ​​150 kilometers. The pipes have been dismantled from the road to prepare for future activities. Welding was done at 120 km, while at 70 km the pipes were placed in a trench. The total length of the gas pipeline is 182 km, of which 150 km in the territory of Bulgaria.

According to an additional agreement signed with the AWACS contractor, the company must follow the updated working schedule and the pipeline must be built by the end of 2021. Intermediate dates have been agreed for the completion of the basic phases, the most important of which is the completion of junctions through large bodies of water, until October 15, 2021. Construction continues to be carried out maintaining the initially agreed fixed price of EUR 144.8 million.

Building the Greece-Bulgaria interconnection is essential for Bulgaria and the region because of its strategic importance, in order to ensure the diversification of gas supply sources and routes. The project enables improved energy connectivity in Southeast Europe, as it is being developed in synergy with other major existing and planned projects, such as the TAP and LNG terminals near Alexandroupolis, where the Bulgarian state is a shareholder.

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