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Pendarovski thanks Serbia, but notes “shame on Northern Macedonia”

“The state must find a way to vaccinate its citizens and provide them with health care here,” said Northern Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski after a Security Council meeting on the pandemic situation and the country’s immunization process.

“The images we saw last weekend when our citizens went en masse to neighboring Serbia to be vaccinated simply should not be repeated,” Pendarovski said.

“We thank Serbia, of course, but it was a shame for our country. The state just needs to find a way to vaccinate its citizens and provide them with health care here. “

He added that it is true that the country relied on the COVAX mechanism which is more than two months behind schedule, they believed in the EU Solidarity Fund which, although announced for January, will not work until April. It is true that none of the 5 richest EU members have fully vaccinated more than 5% of their population, it is also true that according to the WHO, as of March 16, about 80% of all The vaccines produced in the world are distributed only in ten countries of the world, however the citizens are not interested in it at all, he adds.

As he explained, the members of the Council demanded the use of all available resources, so that every citizen receives the necessary health care.

“The state should not deprive any citizen of hospitalization,” Pendarovski said, adding that he had received assurances from Minister Filipce that this had not happened so far and would not happen in the future. Minister Filipce also informed about the immunization process that will start tomorrow.

“I asked the authorities to organize the immunization process in the best order and to continue the vaccinations until the population is completely immunized. “There should be no interruption in this process,” Pendarovski said.

He also called on private health institutions to set aside their profits so that more citizens can use their services.

“In times of great collective suffering, we should not use the misfortunes and tragedies of anyone’s family for personal gain and dividends,” he said.

Answering reporters’ questions, he said there would be no movement ban and everyone could be sure that none of the politicians would be given priority to get their vaccine, as it was agreed that they should were vaccinated according to the existing vaccination order.

President Pendarovski welcomed the political agreement reached between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE leaders Zoran Zaev and Hristijan Mickoski, which allowed registration to be postponed and the National Assembly to be unblocked.

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