Croatia: The structure of the Pelješac Bridge rises above sea level

Contractors of the Pelješac Bridge China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) have completed 65% of the work on the bridge which will connect the Pelješac Peninsula with Croatian land.

“The Chinese have done 65% of the work on the bridge so far. The current realization in that project reaches 1.3 billion kuna from a total of 2.08 billion that has been contracted, “writes the daily Večernji list.

There are now 543 workers at the construction site, of whom 144 are technical and support staff and the rest are workers, engineers and sailors on board.

By the end of February, 49 of the 165 steel space structure segments had been installed on the bridge. In mid-February, a segment with a total length of 52 meters and weighing 581 tons was placed between the sea pillar S3 and the land S2.

By the end of last month, according to Roadway Croatia, entire piles of steel on the Peljeçac Bridge had been inserted and concreted, and all work on the construction of the facades, columns and pillars had been completed. The pillars are 38 to 54 meters high, and the pillars in the six central pillars are 40 meters high.

According to the plans of the bridge contractor China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), the completion of the installation of the last segment is scheduled for early October this year.

This will not complete the bridge work, with final work expected to last until the end of the year.

The entire project, including access roads, must be completed before the 2022 tourist season.

Along with the good implementation of the project, in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, dissatisfaction was exacerbated once again, this time by Croatian member of the BiH Tripartite Presidency Željko Komšić. In an interview Monday, he said Bosnia and Herzegovina had the right to file a lawsuit against Croatia at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg over the construction of the Pelješac Bridge.

Komcic said Croatia had violated the International Law of the Sea Convention. He states that Croatia did not respect previous agreements on the maritime border and claimed that the bridge was built over the “Bosnian sea”.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković commented on Komçiiq’s statement, saying that Croatia is not in violation of international law.

“There is an agreement signed in 1999 between Croatian President Franjo Tuđman and BiH Presidency Chairman Alija Izetbegovic. “The agreement has been implemented and neither side has put it into question,” he said.

“Last year, while deciding to finance the project with EU funds, Croatia explained the case to EU authorities. The bridge enables all ships to cross into Neum without any problems, “Plenković said, adding that the argument that Croatia prevents BiH from using the Neum port is not valid at all.

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