Bulgaria: CEC completes election process for mobile ballot boxes and diaspora voters

Preparations for the April 4th parliamentary elections in Bulgaria are nearing completion, with the Central Election Commission setting the rules for voting due to the pandemic and bans.

Thus, according to the CEC, voters with permanent disabilities, those who are in quarantine or compulsory isolation, will vote in mobile ballot boxes provided they have submitted a request to vote. On election day, a mobile ballot box in the presence of the election commission will visit the homes of those who have submitted a request. If possible, voters will vote outside their place of residence for reasons of health and safety of commission members, according to the CEC.

The Central Election Commission (CEC), in co-operation with the Foreign Ministry, also determined the places in the 69 polling stations outside Bulgaria in the April 4th parliamentary elections.

Voting on election day starts at 7.00 local time. The CEC states that the closing time is 20.00 local time but not later than 21.00, although in some countries polls are expected to close earlier than 20.00 due to travel bans imposed to curb the pandemic.

Conversations in a language other than Bulgarian between those present at polling stations will not be allowed. Election commission members are not allowed to wear party or coalition symbols and participate in election campaigns.

According to recent polls, 5 formations seem to have reached the threshold to enter Parliament, while 2 others have good chances to reach it. This is what the latest “Trend” poll, funded by the “24 Hours” newspaper, showed.

45% of respondents say they will definitely vote, 83% have decided who and 38% say they will vote according to the “preference ranking”. GERB has the support of 28.8% of respondents while the Socialist Party (BSP) collects 23.6% of the vote. “There are such people” is supported by 12.7%, DPS by 12.1% and “Democratic Bulgaria” by 5.9%. Coalition “Get up. BG ”gets 4.1% and VMRO 4%. The “Trend” survey is representative for adults in the country and was conducted from 9 to 14 March 2021 with an error deviation of 1 3.1%.

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