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BiH: Still waiting for vaccines through the COVAX mechanism

The COVAX mechanism informed Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ministry of Civil Affairs that they would have to postpone the delivery of vaccines for which the country has paid one more day, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

“We have been informed that the delivery of vaccines will be delayed by one day compared to the announced dates. “According to the latest information, the arrival of 24,000 doses of solvent has been announced for March 24, while 23,400 doses of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine will arrive on March 25,” the ministry said.

The Ministry will inform the public about further details and how the media will cover the delivery of the vaccine immediately after receiving the relevant updates.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered 1,232,000 doses through the COVAX mechanism. Currently, doses of BioNTech-Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are scheduled to be delivered to BiH.

The process of procuring vaccines through the COVAX mechanism in BiH started in July and the agreement was signed on September 18, 2020. The Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska and the Brčko District allocated about $ 13 million from the budget for the procurement of vaccines through the COVAX mechanism, in order to immunization of about 20% of the population.

On behalf of BiH, Minister of Civil Affairs Ankica Gudeljević signed an agreement with the Gavi Alliance (Global Vaccine Alliance) on the procurement of vaccines for BiH citizens. By signing the agreement, BiH should be among the first countries in the world to receive Covid-19 vaccines.

At the time the contract was signed, no vaccine had been approved, leaving BiH unable to condition or choose the type of vaccine to be delivered, the ministry said earlier.

BiH was then asked to sign an amendment to the Commitment Agreement between the BiH Council of Ministers and GAVI on the Agreement between the Council of Ministers and AstraZeneca on the Compensation Agreement and the COVAX Compensation Agreement regarding the additional terms of Pfizer / BioNtech .

According to information available to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, subsequent requests were made to all states under the COVAX mechanism.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has met all the conditions regarding the receipt of vaccines and preconditions have been set for the acceptance of any vaccine to be delivered, the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs explained.

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