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Northern Macedonia: Zaev elected SDSM President. Borissov congratulated him over the phone

As expected, Zoran Zaev was elected president for the third time in the first elections of the internal party in SDSM. According to the party’s election commission, 60,840 members voted in favor of Zaev, who was the sole candidate. 888 voted against and had 249 invalid votes. 90% of the 68,999 party members went to the polls.

Shortly after the announcement of the results, Zoran Zaev at a press conference thanked the members for their trust and announced a “spring offensive” of the party.

“The arrival of spring marks the beginning of our spring offensive for a new turn in the political action of SDSM and Northern Macedonia. After the reform of the current offer of the SDSM staff, we will bring new energies in our ranks, we will open the doors for all those who are close to the social democratic ideas, we will deepen the fight against corruption at the highest level and crime organized and we will increase the motivation of our citizens “, said Zaev.

According to him, “real parties have a responsibility to promote democracy in their party and in the country. In a very short time I experienced important decisions and you showed confidence. “First, the trust of the citizens to be prime minister, the trust of the deputies and today the trust of the Social Democrats of Northern Macedonia.”

The SDSM leader said the new bodies would be elected at the congress in May and announced that there would be changes, but did not specify exactly in which positions. “It is too early to say who will be in the next leadership of SDSM that will be elected in the Council. There will be staff changes on central and executive boards. “Three vice presidents and three party secretaries will be elected,” Zaev explained.

The Prime Minister also said that “we should not allow the registration to be postponed, because in this way we send a message to the citizens of the fate of seriousness and irresponsibility. “I urge everyone to continue to register, implementing all security protocols, so that this operation that has finally begun to end for the country,” Zaev said.

The leader of SDSM and the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia received a phone call from the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov for his re-election.

In a Facebook post, the Bulgarian Prime Minister wrote that he spoke on the phone with Zoran Zaev. “I congratulated him on his re-election as President of his party and wished me success in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. “We both agreed that decisions to be taken by both countries in the spirit of the Good Neighborliness and Friendship Treaty should not be postponed, either in the name of our common history or in the name of our common European future.” , declared Borissov.

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