Croatia: Tourism Minister welcomes “any document that will facilitate tourism movement”

Croatian Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac said the country welcomes any document that would facilitate the movement of tourism through uniform and predictable rules.

“The EC adopted an important proposal for a common framework for the recognition of certificates, which should facilitate free movement during a pandemic. As a tourist destination, Croatia welcomes any document that will facilitate tourist movement through uniform and predictable rules. In future discussions in the Council, which must agree on the final version of the document, we will argue that the certificate issued in no way constitutes a limiting factor for free movement, while it is not discriminatory either. In parallel with the preparations for the adoption of this document at EU level, the Government of the Republic of Croatia regularly adjusts its positions regarding the conditions of border crossing, taking into account the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Croatia, as well as in the emission markets. “Facilitating the movement is also being intensively discussed with EU Member States as well as third countries,” Brnjac noted.

She stressed that, in order to ensure predictability for business entities in tourism, the Government will in time take a detailed decision on the conditions for the entry of tourists in Croatia, which will remain in force at least until the creation of a common European model.

The European Commission adopted a legislative proposal to establish a common framework for green digital certificates and an additional proposal to ensure that green digital certificates are issued to third-country nationals living in the Member States or Schengen countries, but also for visitors entitled to travel to other Member States.

Green digital certificates constitute digital evidence proving that the traveler was vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from it, or underwent testing and the results were negative. In addition to possible uses in healthcare, the certificate also serves for the safe, free movement of citizens of one European Union country to another.

The European Commission has announced that it will work closely with members of the European Union to find technical solutions to the use of certificates as soon as possible. The authenticity of certificates can be securely verified throughout the EU and finally enable mutual recognition of certificates or approvals throughout the European Union. Member States are still responsible for deciding which public health restrictions for travelers can be lifted and will apply the same to travelers holding a green digital certificate.

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