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BiH hosts Conference on European Road in Neum

The conference “Potential for the Transformation of Euro-Atlantic Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina” started on Thursday in Neum, organized by the University of Mostar, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in BiH and the Assembly of Rectors of the Republic of Croatia.

This event represents the continuation of the conference cycle on the most pressing social and political issues affecting Bosnia and Herzegovina, as defined by the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said in his speech that Croatia would continue to support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its Euro-Atlantic journey, hoping the process would lead to stability and stable relations, guaranteeing all parties equal rights.

In his virtual remarks, Plenkovic said BiH has been and will continue to be Croatia’s friend and neighbor, adding that ties between them were unbreakable.

Due to this and the fact that Croats in BiH constitute one of the constituent peoples, Croatia naturally has an interest in the situation and relations in BiH, but also to contribute as much as possible towards the progress and stability of BiH, he said.

“BiH ‘s European trip is the best way for transformation,” he added.

Still, he said, all decisions essential to it should be made within BiH with the agreement of the people living there, a process in which Croats should be equally represented.

Croatia has already assisted BiH in applying for EU membership candidate status in 2016, the Croatian PM recalled, saying Croatia planned to continue providing such assistance while strongly encouraging EU enlargement to include all Western Balkan countries. .

Plenkovic expressed hope that, with Croatia ‘s support, BiH would reach out to other EU aspirators in the region who have made greater progress in EU integration.

The conference in Neum was organized by the University of Mostar with the support of the Croatian Conference of Rectors.

Dragan Djovic, president of the HDZ BiH party, said this was the fourth conference trying to provide answers to many unresolved BiH issues with the help of the academic community.

“In the case of BiH, there is no other alternative to EU and NATO membership,” he said, adding that these goals must be met taking into account BiH specifics.

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