Montenegro: Abazovic meets with Bitic in Skopje

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazović traveled to the Republic of Northern Macedonia for an official visit, at the invitation of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs Fatmir Bitići.

At the meeting between Abazovic and Bitic, opportunities for improving economic and regional co-operation were discussed, especially in the fields of tourism, trade and agriculture.

“Vice President Abazović stated that Northern Macedonia ‘s experiences in food production could be useful for Montenegro, suggesting that the two countries should cooperate for better product placement. “Abazović showed that the Western Balkans, after the health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, will have open prospects and Montenegro and Northern Macedonia have great chances in this,” the Montenegrin government said in a statement.

Deputy Prime Minister Abazović said that the countries of the Western Balkans should start a dialogue at the level of Deputy Prime Ministers, emphasizing that he had no doubt about the full support of his colleague Bitići.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Fatmir Bitići said that the Berlin Process, in which Montenegro and Northern Macedonia have worked diligently to achieve the goals set on his initiative, has been important for the citizens and economies of the Western Balkans. in the last years.

“The purpose of the Regional Common Market is to strengthen economic co-operation between countries in the region, increase competitiveness, but also increase the region’s attractiveness for the European Union market,” Bitic told a news conference after the meeting.

He added that in today’s meeting with the Vice President of Montenegro, the economies of these countries, cooperation and the potential for its deepening were also discussed. “What we have exchanged today is the commitment to strengthen economic co-operation between the two countries, which is in the common interest, along with initiatives to exploit the apparent potential for that co-operation,” Bitic told a news conference.

He stressed that what became clear in this period was that “we are strong as a system”. As he argued, the gray economy and the damage it causes are highlighted when the country is in crisis, adding that co-operation, open dialogue and constructive problem-solving at the local and regional level are especially important in such a period.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia stated that regional competition should be the future of regional cooperation instead of regional antagonism.

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