Kosovo: Vetëvendosje Movement wins 58 seats with 49.95% of the vote based on final results

The Central Election Commission of Kosovo announced today the final results of the early elections of February 14.

According to the results, Lëvizja Vetëvendosje ended the electoral battle by collecting 49.95% or 438,334 votes, electing 58 deputies.

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) came in second with 16.9% or 148,296 votes and 19 deputies. It was followed by the LDK with 12.64% or 119,978 votes and 15 seats. Finally, AAK with 7.07% and 62,111, elected 8 deputies. No other Albanian party reached the threshold to enter the National Assembly.

The remaining deputies who will fill the 120 seats in the National Assembly belong to minority parties. 10 will come from the Serbian List, 2 MPs belong to the Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo and 2 from the Roma Initiative. Finally, the Democratic Initiative Kosova e Re, the Vakat Coalition, UZ-AH, the Ashkali Party, the New Democratic Party and the Unique Gorani Party will be represented by 1 MP each.

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