Albania: All citizens will vote, even if their identification documents have expired, says Doracaj

The General Director of the Civil Registry, Bledar Doracaj, stated that, “in the April 25 elections, everyone will be able to vote, despite the fact that by April 25, about 800,000 identity cards or biometric passports will have expired.”

During a television interview, Doracaj said that through a regulatory act or a decision through another legal form, all citizens will have the opportunity to vote, even though their identification documents may have expired.

“It has been more than two and a half months since the government launched an awareness campaign in all municipalities to contact all citizens and invite them to renew their identification documents,” said Doracaj.

“There are still a large number of persons whose IDs or passports will have expired by April 25, there are about 800,000 citizens and let me express my appreciation to the Central Election Commission for seeking the opportunity of these persons as well. with documents that have expired, they vote “, explained Doracaj.

“We, as the Minister of Interior, but also as the government, have the full will to guarantee that no citizen, who has the right to vote, will be deprived of the right to vote because of the identification document,” said Doracaj .

“This does not mean that this significant number of voters should not go to the ID or passport renewal offices. “Identification documents are important for receiving services in public or private offices and in this case they must be renewed,” he concluded.

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