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BiH: Repeat elections held in Doboj and Srebrenica

The BiH Central Election Commission (CEC) announced on Monday the preliminary results of the by-elections of the Mayor in the cities of Doboj and Srebrenica, which include the results from 15 November 2020.

Following the local elections held in November, the CEC decided to repeat the procedure in Doboj and Srebrenica due to many irregularities. During its session held on January 21st, the CEC adopted a decision annulling the mayoral and municipal assembly elections held in November in the Srebrenica constituency in 28 polling stations. At the same session, the CEC adopted a decision annulling the elections in 89 regular polling stations in the Doboj constituency for the level of Mayor and Doboj City Assembly.

Along with these decisions, the CEC also adopted a decision to cancel the elections in Ustikolina and Travnik, however repeat elections in these cities will be held in April. In Travnik, the Mayor died on election day from the coronavirus.

According to the results of the by-elections for mayor in Doboj, the votes were counted in 96 out of a total of 106 polling stations and the candidate Boris Jerinic (SNSD) collected 19,148 votes or 67.44%. Srđan Todorović (SP) follows with 4,645 votes or 16.36% and Cvijan Filipović (SDS) with 4,600 votes or 16.20%. For the mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujičić won 5,189 votes or 67.62%, Alija Tabaković 2,433 votes or 31,70%, Mile Janjić 28 votes or 0.36% and Aleksandar Simić 24 votes or 0.31%.

It is worth noting that Bosniaks in Srebrenica largely boycotted the elections and only 160 out of about 3,000 voters cast a ballot.

Repeat elections were held in 89 polling stations in Doboj and 28 polling stations in Srebrenica, of which 26 in Srebrenica and 2 in absentia. Voter turnout at polling stations today was 55.43 per cent in Doboj and 42.87 per cent in Srebrenica.

Full turnout from all regular polling stations, including those held on 15 November, amounts to 53.42% for Doboj and 46.53% for Srebrenica.

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