Majko: The issue of union must be resolved; Kurti must give priority to the government of Kosovo

The Minister of Diaspora in the Government of Albania, Pandeli Majko, stated that the issue of the referendum on the national unification of Kosovo and Albania is an issue that needs to be resolved, adding that the Vetëvendosje Movement should focus on the leadership of Kosovo.

The opening of the issue of national unity during the February election campaign in Kosovo, according to Majko, is causing problems with international instruments that guarantee Kosovo’s stability.

“I think that Mr. Kurti has only one advantage; to lead the state of Kosovo as a politician and prime minister. I do not believe such stories are working. There is no need to make strange connections with ideas that existed in the last century; I am talking about the years 1980 and 1990 for the unification of Kosovo with Albania. It is not that I do not share the same emotions with Mr. Kurti, but I believe that such discussions would create problems with international instruments that guarantee the stability of Kosovo. “I am talking about acts that guarantee the NATO presence in Kosovo and the Ahtisaari package,” the former Albanian prime minister told Euronews Albania, referring to Kurti’s statements to VOA the day before, where he said that “the door remains open to the historical purpose of the nation on the one hand and the will of the people on the other, as always in a peaceful and democratic context ”.

Majko also called on Kurti, as the winner of the elections, to focus on strengthening the state of Kosovo.

“The prime minister can not suggest different regimes for the state he will lead because Kosovo is recognized by other states. If they believe that Kosovo is leading a double life, this would encourage other countries to be more careful in recognizing Kosovo. Such issues must be resolved, Lëvizja Vetëvendosje and its leader must think only of one priority and that is the leadership of the state of Kosovo, “added Majko.

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