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BiH: The war between OHR and RSNA continues

After the Republika Srpska National Assembly (RSNA) adopted the resolution with a request from the High Representative of the International Community Valentin Inzko to submit reports on the work of the OHR between 1995 and 2020 within the next 90 days, the Office of the High Representative denied the request.

N1 TV asked Inzko if he would present those reports to the RS Assembly.

“The High Representative’s reports have been published on the websites of the UN and the OHR and are thus available to members of the RS National Assembly,” the Office of the High Representative replied.

The request was made by Igor Žunić, a member of the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) party.

“Article 2 (1) (f) of Annex H of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH stipulates that the High Representative will periodically report on progress in the implementation of the (related to) peace agreement at the United Nations, European Union “, The United States, the Russian Federation and other interested governments, parties and organizations,” the RS Assembly notes in its conclusions.

The RS Assembly also approved a conclusion presented by representatives of the United Srpska party, calling on representatives of the international community to prevent the announced appointment of a new High Representative and to enable the closure of the OHR in 2021.

On February 2nd, the High Representative in BiH sent a letter to the president and leaders of all representative clubs in the RS Assembly, requesting that the institution annul any statute granted to persons convicted of war crimes within three months.

This letter faced strong sentences in Republika Srpska. It was one of the rare issues where positions and reactions from the ruling coalition and the opposition came together.

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