North Macedonia

Northern Macedonia: Early elections are not in the country’s interest, says Ahmeti

The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti stressed today that the registration scheduled for April will go ahead and there is no reason to postpone it.

“So far there is no change and the registration will be done in early April. This is a statistical step, a step that must be taken because international organizations such as the European Union and EUROSTAT are required to have accurate statistical information as EU institutions, “Ahmeti told a reporter at an event on the occasion of the independence of Kosovo.

As Ahmeti said, early parliamentary elections are not in the interest of the state or the partnership.

“As for early elections, I think they are held in cases of crisis, of a dysfunctional Parliament, of the exclusion of institutions; this right here is not the case and I do not think it will be in the future, because it is not in the interest of the state or the partnership in this case, “said Ahmeti.

Ahmeti stressed that the parliamentary majority operates within normal limits and that a reshuffle of the government is not being considered.

“First, the parliamentary majority is functioning normally. There are no conflicts or differences between coalition partners. Of course, there are differences on some issues, but it is best to finally reach consensus on all issues. There is no difficulty in the functioning of this partnership, of the coalition that it is, and it is not being considered at all and there is no reason for a new parliamentary majority. Everything works in a regularity. “A government reshuffle has not been discussed and is not being considered,” he told reporters.

As for whether a change of staff in the DUI is expected in the government cabinet, Ahmeti said that he is someone who supports freedom of thought and that in the end it is decided by consensus or by most of the party mechanisms.

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