Greece: Cold and heavy snowfall hit Athens

The cold Medea front is in full swing and has hit Attica where the capital Athens is located, resulting in heavy snowfall which has caused serious problems in traffic, transport and electricity.

With heavy snowfall, stormy winds and polar temperatures recorded across the country since Saturday, Medea is now moving full drown to the south.

The heavy snowfall that has hit Athens is the strongest in the last 15 years. Although bad weather forecasts were available a few days before the cold front hit Athens, many problems with electricity, water and traffic were reported.

So far, two people have lost their lives due to bad weather; an 80-year-old in Euboea who needed treatment but remained trapped, as well as a 60-year-old farmer in Crete.

The fire service has received dozens of calls for cutting down trees, transporting patients, rescuing elevators, while there were numerous cases of stationary cars on highways that had to be removed as they were interrupting traffic.

Due to the heavy snowfall and frost now affecting Northern Greece, most schools have been closed and courses moved online, while scheduled vaccinations have been postponed.

In the morning, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attended a wide-ranging meeting held at the General Secretariat for Civil Protection to coordinate all relevant bodies to deal with problems arising from bad weather.

Photo: Andrea Bonetti

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