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Borissov: I hope next year we can celebrate our common hero Delchev with our brothers from Northern Macedonia

“We hope that together with our brothers from Northern Macedonia, next year we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Goce Delchev,” said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on the occasion of the 149th anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary.

“Today marks 149 years since the birth of Goce Delchev, voivode activist of the revolutionary liberation movement of the Macedonian Internal Revolutionary Organization, among our most distinguished historical heroes. “I hope we have the wisdom next year, together with our friends and brothers from Northern Macedonia, to celebrate its 150th anniversary, united and together on the path of European integration,” said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Contrary to the Bulgarian Prime Minister’s statements on a joint celebration with Northern Macedonia, Defense Minister and Borisov’s government partner Krasimir Karakachanov once again added fuel to the relations between the two countries, sharpening rhetoric in the run-up to the Bulgarian elections. .

“We treat the Republic of Northern Macedonia as a place where our compatriots live. Their political elite cannot understand exactly what they want and what they do not want. “They want to enter the EU in muddy shoes, without apologizing for the killed Bulgarians.”

Karakachanov affirmed that Bulgaria is the one that encourages dialogue with Northern Macedonia and that all proposals and initiatives came from Sofia. According to the Trud newspaper, Karakachanov said Skopje could not hope for a Slovenian EU presidency, a new US government or a change in the political situation in Bulgaria. He added that Northern Macedonia was ready for talks until it received the green light from NATO and then joined the alliance. Now we show them that the coin has two sides. “We are good, but we are neither stupid, nor naive, nor people without dignity,” said the Bulgarian vice president.

Karakachanov attacked the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of Northern Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov for allowing himself to make recommendations for the European Union.

“Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov allows himself to teach in the EU. I am confused as to who is the candidate, Bulgaria or Northern Macedonia. “He allows himself to make EU assessments, to make recommendations, but that is inappropriate,” Karakachanov said.

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