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Serbia and Northern Macedonia form Joint Committee for Respect for Minority Rights

At the initiative of Northern Macedonia and after the meeting of the Minister of Human Rights and Minorities and Social Dialogue of Serbia Gordana Čomić with the representatives of the Embassy of Northern Macedonia in Serbia, it was decided that the two countries begin the process of forming a committee. joint government for the protection of minorities.

According to the Embassy of Northern Macedonia in Belgrade, the Joint Intergovernmental Commission for the Protection of Minorities in Serbia and Northern Macedonia will be held in accordance with the Agreement between Serbia and Northern Macedonia on the protection of the Macedonian minority in Serbia and Serbia. North, which was signed on July 6, 2004 in Skopje, almost 17 years ago.

During her visit to the Macedonian National Council in Serbia, Gordane Čomić said that the commission will be set up by the spring of this year and will monitor the implementation of an agreement between the two countries on mutual respect for the rights of Macedonian minorities in Serbia. and Serbs in the northern part of northern Macedonia.

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