Romania: Dozens of Romanian nationals stranded at Cancun Airport in Mexico

Dozens of Romanian citizens have been stranded at Mexican airports since January 30, when authorities confiscated their travel documents and telephones and barred them from entering the country.

According to a statement issued by the Romanian Foreign Ministry last night, about 50 Romanians are still at Cancun airport, awaiting a return home flight.

“The Romanian authorities do not dispute the sovereign right of the United Mexican States regarding the decision to grant entry into the same territory, but these decisions should not be arbitrary; they should be taken on the basis of individual assessments, as the case may be, and not create offensive conditions. “

After numerous denials of the entry of many Romanian tourists to Mexico in recent days, the Romanian Foreign Ministry spoke with the Mexican Ambassador in Bucharest, expressing concern and dissatisfaction with the decisions taken by the Principles regarding the entry of Romanian tourists to Mexico and the treatment Romanian citizens receive upon entry into the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for immediate clarification of the reasons for the decision of the Mexican authorities not to allow entry into Mexican territory and urgent measures to respect the rights of Romanian citizens. With the intervention of the Honorary Consul of Romania in Cancun, a team sent to the airport distributed food and water to the prisoners.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recalls that instructions from the Mexican Authorities can be found on its website in the coronavirus-related travel instruction section, according to which Mexico City International Airport is allowed to enter persons who can prove that they are travel. for essential reasons, clearly clarifying that tourism does not fall into this category. Those who cannot prove that they are traveling for serious reasons cannot enter the country and must return to their place of residence with the first flight available.

At Cancun Airport, authorities even carry out much stricter controls as the city is in the orange zone.

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