Slovenia: Tourist overnight stays in 2020 fall 42% Years

Due to the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, in December 2020, the influx of tourists to Slovenia was hampered. Tourist accommodation institutions recorded about 70,000 overnight stays, accounting for only 9% of overnight stays recorded in December 2019, based on an analysis by the Slovenian Statistics Office.

In December 2020, overnight emergency tourist stays were clearly defined by the Government Ordinance on the Temporary Prohibition of Supply and Sale of Goods and Services to Consumers in the Republic of Slovenia. In November 2020, the Government issued detailed explanations of the said Ordinance in the field of accommodation, listing the exceptions. Moreover, according to the explanations, the Ordinance does not regulate the scope of business-to-business performance.

In December 2020, tourist accommodation institutions recorded about 9,300 tourist arrivals (97% annual by nose) and 70,600 overnight stays (91% decrease from December 2019).

While domestic tourists generated 5,000 arrivals (accounting for 5% of arrival rates in December 2019) and almost 40,000 overnight stays (14% of overnight stay levels in December 2019), foreign tourists generated around 4,300 arrivals (2% of arrivals recorded in December 2019) and almost 31,000 overnight stays (6% of overnight stays in December 2019).

Most overnight stays of foreign tourists in December 2020 were created by tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina (more than 4,800 overnight stays or 16% of all foreign overnight stays), Serbia (14%), Croatia (8 %), Northern Macedonia (7%), Germany (7%) and Italy (5%).

Most overnight stays were generated in health resorts (spas) (about 24,300 or 34% of all overnight stays), followed by urban municipalities (16% of all overnight stays), coastal resorts (14% of all overnight stays) and the municipality of Ljubljana’s capital (also 14% of all overnight stays). “57% of all overnight stays in December 2020 were registered in hotels”, reports the Agency.

In 2020, tourists generated just over 3 million arrivals (51% drop from 2019) and just over 9.2 million overnight stays (42% drop from 2019).

While in 2020 domestic tourists generated 21% more arrivals and 33% more overnight stays than in 2019, foreign tourists generated 74% fewer arrivals and 71% fewer overnight stays.

Most overnight stays of foreign tourists in 2020 were generated by tourists from Germany (almost 814,000 or almost a quarter of all overnight stays abroad), followed by Austria and Italy (both 11%), Croatia ( 7%), Hungary and the Netherlands (both 5%).

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