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The first batch of Sputnik V vaccines lands in BiH

Two thousand doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine have arrived at Sarajevo Airport, which is expected to be delivered to Republika Srpska. According to media reports, the vaccination process in RS could start in 10-15 days, provided everything goes according to plan.

Krajina Group will supply the Russian vaccine after signing a contract with manufacturer Sputnik V.

The vaccine group will be delivered through an extraordinary import in accordance with the regulation of the RS Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, which issues the necessary documentation.

BiH Law on Medicines and Medical Devices stipulates that no unregistered person for drug trafficking can import a medicine into the country and only wholesalers who import it can do so based on the relevant ministry’s confirmation that the medicine, in this case the vaccine , is considered necessary. In this case, it will be Krajina Group.

The vaccines are currently at the airport in Sarajevo where the customs procedure is underway and after that the complete documentation should be sent to the BiH Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices, which should issue a certificate on the microbiological and biochemical correctness of the vaccine.

Once the Agency gives the green light, vaccination can begin. Unofficially, starting today, in the next 10-15 days the vaccines will be ready for use in RS.

The goal is for vaccines to reach patients as quickly as possible, and it is therefore essential that all necessary documentation is obtained so that the procedure at the Agency can be completed immediately.

A total of 400,000 doses should arrive in Republika Srpska from the Russian Federation in February and March, enough to inoculate 200,000 people. According to Health Minister Alen ćeranić, larger quantities will be ordered if deemed necessary.

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