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BiH completes procurement of COVID-19 vaccine

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with the competencies defined by law, is continuing with the procurement of medical equipment and vaccine doses and, within its competence, an Agreement was signed between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Global Vaccine Alliance for vaccination of the BiH population.

The Agreement on Joint Public Procurement of Medical Devices was signed on the same principle.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs is harmonized with the mutual rights and obligations of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and Other Services of BrĨko District regarding the procurement of vaccines, through global access to COVID-19 vaccine scheme and joint public procurement of medical devices.

By signing the agreement with the Global Vaccine Alliance, Bosnia and Herzegovina has reserved a place among the top countries worldwide to receive COVID-19 vaccines, according to reports from Sarajevo N1 TV.

1,232,000 vaccine doses have been ordered at an average total price of $ 10.55 per dose.

Therefore, Bosnia and Herzegovina will have the same opportunities to purchase the vaccine as other signatory countries, with further announcements from the World Health Organization, the Global Vaccination Alliance (GAVI) and other institutions expected in the coming period regarding potential vaccine manufacturers and delivery deadlines. The World Health Organization, GAVI and CEPI guarantee the transparency of this process.

Under the Joint Public Procurement Agreement for Medical Devices applied in cases of serious cross-border threats to public health, which enables the joint purchase of medicines, medical equipment and supplies, the procurement activities of Remedesivir are currently underway.

Applying the key to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention split, which includes monitoring the latest levels of hospitalization, the European Commission allocated 1,794 of the 2,400 ampoules required Remdesivir in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the first month.

“The Ministry of Civil Affairs once again demands compliance with the recommendations and measures in force, in the hope that, by following these measures, we will stop the spread of the virus. We also appeal for patience in the vaccine procurement process. “The Ministry of Civil Affairs has consciously and responsibly all the steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection”, the Ministry emphasizes.

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