Mandatory use of the mask outdoors in Bucharest

Alexandru Rafila, director of the Romanian Society of Microbiology, said that the number of patients treated in the ICU, as well as the number of Covid-19 deaths, will increase in the coming weeks, given the large number of new cases recently registered. .

The Minister of Health, Nelu Tătaru, warned that Romania could find itself in the same situation as Spain and Italy, if the Romanians do not respect the rules imposed by the authorities. On the contrary, correct compliance with the rules would reduce the number of new cases. “If we do not follow these rules, we will see a sharp increase every day, overcrowding of hospitals, depletion of intensive care services. The scenarios we saw in March-April in Spain and Italy could be repeated in our country as well “, warned Minister Tătaru Ziarul Financiar.

In Bucharest, starting today, the use of a mask has become mandatory outdoors 24 hours a day, on the sidewalks of the historic center, as well as in squares, exhibitions, bus stations, railway stations.

To date, 55,241 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Romania, while 1,232 new cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours and 2,480 people have died. 436 patients are hospitalized in the ICU, while 28,006 people have recovered. To date, 1,268,899 coronavirus tests have been performed nationwide. In Romania, 5,322 people tested positive for coronavirus remain in self-isolation and 4,561 in institutional isolation. In addition, 18,863 people remain in quarantine at home and 177 people in institutional quarantine. A total of 5,571 Romanian citizens tested positive for COVID-19 abroad, of which 18 in Greece.

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