Janša was satisfied with the outcome of negotiations with the EU

Today, after several days of negotiations, the European Council reached an agreement on a multiannual financial framework and a recovery instrument worth a total of € 1.824 billion. The agreement brings large additional funds for Slovenia, which will facilitate the recovery after the COVID-19 crisis and encourage investment in the green and digital transition, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa said on Tuesday.

“After Brexit, the European Union is different; the power ratio is different. New balances are being established and this may have further contributed to the fact that it took practically four days to reach an agreement, “Janša said in a statement.

He added that Slovenia welcomed the agreement on the multiannual financial framework and the recovery instrument. “This is a great achievement,” the prime minister said, adding that this was also the right moment. “Firstly, because now the total amount of funds for reconstruction and development is actually sufficient, especially in the first three years. It is a strong response to the coronavirus crisis and this gathering also gives some optimism before the autumn, when we are all still a little afraid of what will happen with the continuation of this epidemiological wave, “said Janša.” On the other hand, both instruments are good because because we have achieved a fair distribution. “

“Especially in this last part, our proposals were taken into account, as well as the proposals of others that we sent to the European Council, the leadership and the Commission in the sense that the specifics of individual countries, the case of Slovenia, were taken into account. in line with the previous financial perspective, it threatened a drastic drop in financial resources, “said the Prime Minister, stressing that” with our maximum we managed to provide additional transitional funds for the proposal, so that this envelope is large enough for the transition to run smoothly, “Janša said. .

“Given the starting points we had, Slovenia has achieved a key strategic goal, ie we have reached an ambitious agreement that is important not only financially but also psychologically. Slovenia has achieved all important negotiating goals, a very favorable share of funds in both instruments , “stressed the Prime Minister.

“If we talk about the general global financial position of Slovenia, the total period of seven years amounts to 10.5 billion euros, of which six billion and 600 million grants, of which almost 3 billion euros are intended for cohesion policy and 1 billion and 600 million for the total agricultural policy. Under the recovery instrument, we have another 2 billion and 100 million in grants and 3 billion and 600 million in loans, “said the Slovenian Prime Minister.

He also assessed that, given the situation in terms of Slovenian statistics and relative development, the result of the current negotiations, if we compare all three previous ones, is the best when it comes to the multiannual financial perspective.

“Slovenia is still a pure recipient of the European budget. We are sorry that we have not succeeded in the seven years since the last negotiations, but the view of the current situation we are in is positive and successful, as it allows us to achieve the goal of greater rapid development in the next seven years, especially with the financial resources of both instruments, “the Prime Minister concluded.

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