The rule of law is not a problem, says Iohannis

Speaking in Brussels on Sunday in the context of the European Council negotiations on the European Coronavirus Recovery Fund, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis told reporters that all European leaders were looking for a solution, but this was not a guarantee for its conclusion. that he remained moderately optimistic. Regarding Romania, Klaus Iohannis mentioned that the issue of the rule of law is not a problem for the country and does not oppose a connection, because, fortunately, the issue of the rule of law was resolved last year with the referendum and political changes.

“The priority issues for Romania are the necessary funds for cohesion, road projects, railways, schools and hospitals. We need money for agriculture (…) We need significant funds for economic recovery and we want there to be substantial flexibility in terms of funds and how they are managed, “said Klaus Iohannis.

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