PLUS accuses the mayor of the capital of working in the interest of Greek tourism

The mayor of the capital, Gabriela Firea, provoked reactions following his decision to offer free COVID-19 testing to anyone who wants to travel abroad on vacation.

An article by the state news agency Agerpres entitled “Vlad Voiculescu: Gabriela Firea seems to be a mayor working for the benefit of Greek tourism” quotes a statement by the president of the PLUS branch in Bucharest, Vlad Voiculescu, regarding the mayor of the capital, Gabriela Firea.

In particular, he claimed that Firea showed “disobedience” to pass the free coronavirus test project for those who intend to travel abroad on vacation, claiming that he appears to be more of a “Greek mayor” than a human mayor. from Bucharest.

According to Voiculescu, “Gabriela Firea had the audacity to pass in the Municipal Council the free testing project COVID-19 for those who go to Greece (…). When people have to pay, giving priority to those who want to go on vacation is a mockery for people, but also for public funds. We are not saying that holidays are not important or that people should not go to Greece, but Gabriela Firea seems to be the mayor of Greece or a mayor who works for the benefit of the Greek economy and tourism, rather than the mayor of the people. from Bucharest “.

It is noted that in her statements on Thursday, Gabriela Firea pointed out that, on the first day of the program, the Municipality of Bucharest accepted 7,500-8,000 requests for free coronavirus tests from people who want to travel to Greece or other countries. .

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