PSD delays voting on the new draft law on quarantine measures

The new bill on quarantine and containment measures is being debated in the Senate. On Saturday, however, the body decided, at the request of PSD senators, to postpone the discussion in order to study the European format. They also argued that the bill is inconsistent and that “citizens have the right to a law that protects them.” PSD also requested the inclusion of various bodies in the consultation process, although PNL warned of the public health consequences of these delays.

Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said in a statement that “the law debated in the Senate is the law that was debated in Parliament, where the majority of Parliament, the majority of PSD, Pro Romania, ALDE, have left their mark. . In practice, Cazanciuc (PSD senator) criticizes his own party colleagues, who did not adopt the law in the form that came out of the Parliament “, Mr. Orban underlined on Sunday evening, during a televised appearance.

Basescu urges not to wait for PSD

Former Romanian President and current MEP Traian Basescu posted a message on Facebook asking Orban not to wait for PSD to approve the quarantine law, as it has all the legal tools at its disposal to take concrete measures against the pandemic. He referred to international conventions, the WHO Regulation and a decision of the European Parliament and the EU Council on serious cross-border threats to citizens’ health. /

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