Croatia: President Milanovic is taking part in a tripartite meeting in Vienna

During his working visit to the Republic of Austria, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, traveled to Vienna, where he attended a trilateral meeting of the Heads of State of the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia.

Discussions between Austrian President Aleksandar Van der Bellen, Slovenian President Borut Pahor and Croatian President Zoran Milanovic at the Hofburg complex in central Vienna have largely revolved around Europe over the coronavirus pandemic.

“The crown has come and will pass, but the problems that the Earth is facing with climate change, and which Croatia could also face as a country that relies on tourism if we do not work together, are so great that at the moment we can’t stop thinking about them and working on them as much as possible, ”Milanovic said.

“These friendly meetings are important. We are good neighbors, we know each other well, we are closely connected, our economies are intertwined. We have the same interests in the economy and in the tourism industry, “Van der Bellen said after the meeting. He emphasized that everyone was interested in keeping the borders as open as possible, always taking into account the epidemiological situation. He pointed out that the climate crisis ignore.

Pahor emphasized the importance of following epidemiological guidelines in order to contribute to keeping borders open.

Milanovic stated that nothing can replace personal contact. “No matter what we have experienced and what awaits us, life goes on. Our talks made a lot of sense, “he said, emphasizing green policies and ecology. “We need to set high goals in this regard. I will stand up for that in Croatia ”. He invited Austrian tourists to visit Croatia, saying the country was safe.

“It’s a great format. These are countries that are close to each other. It’s a society where we can do something constructive and talk openly about the problems the world and Europe are facing after Covid-19. We need to be careful, but we have to live as normally as possible, “Milanovic added.

During the meeting, special mention was made of future economic relations and the tourism sector, which was severely affected by the pandemic in all three countries.

During his stay in Vienna, President Milanović will have a bilateral meeting with Austrian President Van der Bellen, at which he is expected to adopt an initiative for greater ambitions in the field of climate change, which is strongly supported by his Austrian host.

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